How to Deal With a Snake in the House

A snake in the house is dangerous, and people living in a warm place are suffering from this. It’s always a possibility that there would be a snake which would enter the house or get lost on its way and made a stopover in our property. There are preventive measures to avoid situations like this, but the risk is still high especially during summer time when they love to slither around. Snake removal could be easy for other people, but most of the time it’s dangerous. The following are our tips when removing one. However if you don’t have any experience, just hire a snake removal company.  


Step 1: Assess the Danger 

Do not attack the snake by hitting it with something hard. A snake won’t attack unless it feels an aggressive emotion coming from you. Any kinds of snake will never attack a human unless it’s attacked first. If the snake is coiled up with its mouth open, it sees you as a danger and it’s like that because it’s his defense mechanism. Slowly step away.  

Our first impulse is to run away instead of hurting them, but you will only prove the snake by doing that. Take a look at the snake and determine if it’s venomous or not. The snake is venomous if it has slit-like eyes, fat bodies and large fangs. The four venomous species are Copperhead, Coral Snake, Cottonmouth, and Rattlesnake.   

Make sure to clear young children and pets from the area. This is to reduce any potential dangers. Move them away because they might agitate the snake.  

Step 2: Remove the Snake 

To start, make sure that you and the snake has a safe distance. Slowly open the door and guide the snake out. Use a broom. Use this step only if you’re sure that it’s not venomous. Do not push the snake, just guide it. You can also restrict its motion by using a heavy blanket. It calms the snake down. Next thing to do is transporting the snake outside, again only if you’re certain it’s not venomous. When handling the snake, wear some protective gloves.  

Hold the snake under its belly, near the tail. Keep a solid grip, but not a firm one. Do not injure it, avoid squeezing it. You can make it comfortable by slithering your hands a little bit. If you trapped it in a cloth, scoop it up and take it outside. Make sure you call animal control.  

Step 3: Preventing Further Risks 

Everyone’s not really prepared for situations like this, so prevention is really better than cure. To prevent further risk, seal any entrances that might be where the snake might enter. Check the door sweeps or loose window frames. Even the drains and vents can be an entry point of a snake.  

If you experienced this already, find out why the snake entered your house. Do you have rodent problem in your home or birds in your backyard? Get rid of small mammals that might attract the snakes.  

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Reasons Why Regular Dental Visit is Important

Having to visit your dentist at least twice a year might not be the appointment that you look forward to. However, it’s considered as one of the important appointments that you have to keep. The moment you find yourself wondering about the point of having to visit your dentist regularly or if you find yourself asking why you should have regular cleanings and checkups, then we listed down the most important reasons why it’s important that you visit your dentist regularly. 

Dental Visit

If you’re considering skipping your visit because you are afraid or if you don’t have enough money to do so, then it’s extremely important that you also put the risks of not going to the dentist into consideration. As a matter of fact, if you’re trying to avoid the costs of dental checkups and cleanings, you may not realize or experience it yet but there is a big possibility that you will end up paying for more expenses if you end up getting a disease because you are used to skipping dental checkups. Below, you will learn some important reasons why it’s very imperative that you visit your dentist in a timely manner. 

Detection of Oral Diseases Such as Oral Cancer

There are a lot of oral diseases that you can potentially get the moment you choose to skip regular dental visits and one of them is oral cancer. As a matter of fact, it’s considered as a very serious oral disease that actually takes place in different ways. And, most of time, patients do not know its early signs, which is why oral cancer is not usually diagnosed right away. But, what most people don’t know about is that it can progress quickly and it can also threaten your life. But, luckily, if oral cancer is diagnosed early, it can also be treated as well, which is why regular visits to the dentist is very important as it will not only keep your oral health clean but it can also prevent oral diseases and detect them early in order to stop it from becoming severe. 

Your Dentist Knows How to DealwithTartar, Plaque and Cavities 

Even if you say that you floss and brush regularly, there will still be some areas in your mouth that you’ll miss to clean even if you brush and floss daily. In fact, the moment plaque, cavities and tartar start to buildup in your mouth, it will be extremely difficult to remove and it can also cost you a lot. This is the reason why it’s very important that you consider visiting your dentist in a regular manner because he or she knows exactly how to keep your mouth clean and they know how to deal with the buildup of cavities, plaque and tartar. So, if you want to avoid these gross particles from growing inside your mouth, then you should never skip even a single dental visit appointment. Your dentist in Chesapeake VA will surely help you in dealing with the buildup of cavities, plaque and tartar. 

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