A driveway is important in every house that has a vehicle. When you drive your car from the gate all the way to the garage, you need a driveway so the wheels won’t suffer from damages. For over many years, concrete driveway has been popular among houses. It is durable and low maintenance. A concrete driveway might look dull so homeowners have it stamped or colored to add some attraction to the surface. 

When you look at it, the concrete driveway needs less maintenance. But in reality, the driveway needs cleaning and sealing to it will last for a long time. Cleaning the driveway using a hose and stiff brush will do, and adding concrete sealer will add some protection to the surface. The concrete driveway needs sealing at least once a year.  

A concrete driveway will generally last up to 25 years or more, and this will depend on how the driveway was built and how the homeowners maintain it. The average cost of a concrete driveway is $4 or more per square foot. If you decide to stamp it or color it, the cost will be doubled.  

Installing a concrete driveway is easy. First, you have to remove the grass and other plants on the place where you construct it. This is to make sure that you have a stable foundation. You won’t like it if the driveway settles of heaves overtime. The wood forms are then installed; a base of gravel is added. The gravel should be compacted and graded.  

You now have the frames of the driveway, so the concrete is ready to be poured. If you’re doing this the DIY way, make sure you ask for help because this process needs a several people working to fill the forms and finish the surface. Use welded wire or rebar to add an adequate reinforcement. It should also have an adequate number of expansion joints.  

After the installation, it’s important to cure the concrete driveway. The concrete won’t dry out easily; it will undergo a slow chemical process that makes it strong and hard. So this process is called curing, and it should be done on the best of the circumstances. The ideal weather when curing a concrete is 70 degrees with a damp surface. That means that the curing will take longer in cold weather. If the weather is too hot, it should be dampened regularly so the curing is slowed down a bit.  

Once this is all done, you can finally use the driveway after one week. You can drive your vehicle but you should wait at least one month before you park a heavy car. We mentioned that sealing is important, so do the sealing after two months completion.  

Having a concrete driveway adds a curb appeal to your house. You will have a professional and clean driveway especially if you have it colored and stamped. The material is also durable, and it can handle the heavy load of vehicles and the harsh condition of the weather.